Arctic Peace

My current series is called Arctic Peace which reflects the majesty and serenity that Mother Nature provided during one specific season.

This eleven-piece series of paintings reflects the abstract beauty of the winter in the Chelan Valley where I live. People consider winter time as dark and dreary; which it can be; however, I look beyond that and see the delicate elegance that nature provides us. Winter paints the Chelan Valley in shades of whites and grays that emanate feelings of serenity and calmness. When I step outside during the falling snow, there is a moment that is soundless and peaceful. My eyes are drawn to the contrast of the red and rust color of orchard trees and sleeping vines in the vineyard against the various shades of snow. Frozen sagebrush displays the hint of dormant life within the wintry landscape. It is this landscape that has allowed me to bring to life the concept and color of the season.

Jennifer Loew

I create my art without conception or conclusion. Each piece starts with a conversation using color, and each layer is another added element to the dialogue using contrast, line, and textures. I use acrylics, oil pastels, inks, charcoal and mediums to help me explore the conversation on the canvas. I am fascinated as the piece unfolds its beauty to me, showing me the soul through vivid colors, whimsical elements, and captivating compositions. I hope you enjoy my new series: Arctic Peace. 

Does it speak to you?

Do you love my Arctic Peace abstract art?   If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces and adding them to your collection or helping a client redesign their home, please see which art is still available.

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